Our creations in titanium, carbon and other alloys of aeronautical derivation, in over 30 years have accompanied champions such as Julien Absalon (Olympic gold in 2004) and implemented some cycling masterpieces like the bicycles Passoni, Nevi, De Rosa but also Olympia and KTM.

We have also collaborated with Legend Ti, Bixxis, Stelbel to bring Italian craftsmanship around the world.

In 2017 we decided to combine our experiences with innovation and Noxon’s extraordinary youthful strength.

Today we are an extremely dynamic reality, on the cutting edge of technology, with a strong passion about everything that makes your cycling experience beyond exciting.

We work in order to combine technical innovation and experience to give all our fans the opportunity to experience the thrill and the performance of an icon of the sector, known for its scent of Italian craftsmanship.

Our primary goal is to take the bikes of our customers to the next level, so they can push them beyond their technical limits and bring their passion in a new world of adrenaline and competitiveness.

For these reasons:
– we offer an innovative product of the highest level, customized according to the needs of professionals and enthusiasts;
– we make a perfect combination between the outcome of our work and the individual characteristics of each cyclist;
– we guarantee technical excellence at affordable prices and unmatched after-sales service.