E-MTB, philosophy and techique of the very likely bike of the future

E-MTB: will it be the bike of the future? 


One of the most debated topics in this period between bikers is the E-MTB. What do you think about it?

While bikers are discussing, the market is moving in order to ensure the best performances to clients. We already have a whole dedicated range of wheels, with a mid market product for the ones who want to improve their bicycles without spending too much money and a top level wheel for racing, because we have believed in this E-MTB philosophy that is becoming so popular.

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The aim of this article is to explain our point of view as athletes, bikers, constructors, but, first of all, as lovers of the bike world. Briefly analyzing the technical side of the E-MTB, let’s take into consideration the models with pedal assistance, so with a sensor that records the force you apply on the pedal and it furnishes an extra supplement.

Geometries have evolved and performances are spectacular, loads have lowered in a very short time making the riding agile and thrilling. Thanks to the extra watts you can face the most difficult tracks (if you have te right technique), while the duration of the batteries guarantees a whole day of autonomy.

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The technical devices to use are a few, more sturdy transmissions and massive spoking as the ones on the Elexon and technologies to improve rigidity as boost. In the discussions about advantages and disadvantages of the E-bike we can define 3 generic profiles.

  • the racer
  • the Sunday biker
  • The lover of panoramic tours 

These three categories require their own timing and attitude.

The racer has time to train with sacrifice and effort with a specific goal.

Determined and self-confident, he doesn’t want to belong to the other two categories.

“The Sunday biker” is not really demanding, he is satisfied by doing his weekend ride with friends. Aware of the necessary training that almost never combines with work, family and things to do, he takes comfort from good company and the chance to relax on his bike.

The lover of panoramic rides has a really good overall preparation, his ami is to explore. Every ride focuses on a particular view, thrilling tracks and technically challenging, the race aspect is left behind, what comes first is enjoying the surrounding nature.


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so if you have recognized yourself into one of the categories, you know for sure that it is not over, that discussions go further. The different phases of the Endure races make E-MTB a really great bike to go through the different parts of the track. Training with an E-MTB is advantageous as well. 


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We don’t forget the various E-Bike competitions, sometimes looking for new thrills is a great way to assimilate the different technical gestures and to find the motivation to train. Why should we limitate our explorative possibilities and not sharing the E-bike philosophy? How often have you got to a place, you have noticed an interesting way that you have never taken before, but you kept going on the the known track afraid of not having enough time to finish the tour or to find too many difficulties? An E-bike helps to overcome those difficulties and to enjoy the adventure. 


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We obviously can’t forget about the cyclists who can go on a ride only a day a week, the ones that thanks to an E-bike could enjoy the pleasure of longer tours without effecting their available time. a new idea of freedom that can include everyone. The objections are that effort made with a normal bike is more noble than an E-bike performance. Does this discrimination make sense?

If we analyze this matter scientifically we refute these objections , if the electric assistance doubles the Watts and I am used to a ride of 40 km in 3 hours, I would have probably spent half an hour with the same effor tor 3 hours with an half of the effort. But no one consciously rides at a half of the rhythm allowed by his training. So in 3 hours I would have travelled for  the double amount of km with the same effort.

You can ride in two ways, the first is with the sheet and rating and we all ride with bikes with the same potential. The second method is the training or explorative one depending on the biker, looking for sensations, wellness and satisfaction without comparisons.

Why, then, playing a sport that doesn’t imply comparison, beside races of course, should you dare to judge someone else’s choice, that uses the E-bike to go farther, to train better, get well faster after an injury or enjoy nature apart from physical issues? 

E-MTB are a metter of fact in our world, they are a result of a technological progress made to improve our life and fun. It’s understandable the choice of not to use them due to the really high price  or different sensations of a downhill rider, but not the ones who object from an “ethic” point of view.


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As Noxon Bike we strongly believe in this chance of more fun fro all the bikers. As a company always caring about your requests and needs to improve your performances, we want to offer you the best E-Bikes product, by trying to be an important and active part of this epochal change that the bike world is going through.