At the beginning of cycling (and even now in a few cases) streets were made of gravel.

Streets have changed through the years and there have been many technological innovations that have taken the technological level of cycling to the actual level. Some riders fancy the GRAVEL.

This back to basics in a modern key has generated a new way of riding.

It’s a really appreciated bike by bikepackers, Gravel bike has finally found its identity and is no more a modification of another model, like CX or MTB hardtrail bikes.

Geometries, materials, technologies and specific components that result from modern constructive techniques have made possible to get Gravel Bikes that ensure riding comfort, speed and sliding capacity even on the most difficult tracks.

As wheels producers we have already introduced our reference model, the Engrave, that are born to carve, sculpt your way and find your direction.

The Gravel wheel isn’t a MTB wheel with a reduced section tire. That’s why when we have introduced the first Engrave model, in 2016, we were really proud to have realized a specific wheel with the following features:

  • Internal width of 17mm
  • tubeless ready with maximum internal pressure of 8 bar (a pressure that a MTB rim could not stand)
  • available in every configurative standard 

We have realized a new rim : with an internal width of 21mm ideal for 33C clinchers, introducing the offset, in order to increase the rigidity and resistance of the wheel thanks to a perfected spoking. We have made it without adding an extra weight on the wheels, maintaining a weight of just 1510 grams with new technical features.

The new Engrave has become a reference for its technical features and efficiency on its designate track, the Gravel. 

Thanks to these features, they are the ideal choice also for the ones who travel by bike bikepacking mode or enjoy “Trail”. High quality, technical features and resistance are the strengths of our Engrave.

Here it is  Martino Fruet, on the podium of Gravel Road Series,  with a customized model of our Engrave!