A new gasket for our valves

From today our tubeless valves realized with CNC have a new internal gasket that, thanks to the new compound and shore of the wheel, it adapts in a better way to every hole-valve of our rims and wheels of other brands.

We know that even the smallest component can make the difference during a bike ride, so we are working in order to give you the best even on the simplest components.

The place for the external o-ring for the right locking ring has a no-screwing function and protects from punctures. They are just details,but they are fundamental!

Thanks to the weight of just 4 grams for the valve and the oversized ring in order to ensure an easy disassembly “on the road”, the previous version was already widely appreciated by our customers.

Have you ever wondered why our locking ring has always had this shape?

The ring has big size because in case you need to plug in the inner tube, you will always be able to screw it.


Giovanni – Technical Assistance