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The factory

“All those who participate in the production process of our company, have a bicycle in the garage that they can not wait to run in their spare time” – Michele Gaeta, Holder

The entire production cycle of our components takes place in Italy.

The obsession with high quality standard requires the company to continue investing in research into cutting-edge tools, new machinery, staff updates and a very special attention to research and development. 
Our name is one of the most well-known in the innovation of Italian sport sector.

Our products have been, are and willa always be conceived outside, unde the sunlight.

Our designers are highly qualified engineers, but first of all they are passionate cyclists. This means that our technical skills are not confined to “what is possible” but, driven by passion and first-hand experience on the road, the limit is pushed a little further, to what we are able to imagine.

After the prototyping follow a phase of comparative tests on quality and performance that determines the future of the new component.


The assembly of the wheel is made exclusively by hand. In order to obtain a simultaneous and uniform tensioning of the spokes, therefore without residual stresses, the spokes are tensioned by machine.


The tension follows the settling in order to eliminate the unpleasant initial adjustment during the first rides, which can lead to the loss of centering and the uneven tension of the spokes; increase the final tension of the spokes and ensure the rigidity and the constancy of the performance.


Our method makes possible to obtain an optimal assembly that guarantees high rigidity and stability over time, considerably lengthening the required maintenance intervals.