Latticizzare una ruota: come fare

How is a transformation into tubeless properly made

Have you always got it done by your mechanician or is it your first Tubeless Ready wheelset?

In this article we are going to explain you how to do it step by step.

Necessary equipment:

  •  tubeless ready wheels
  • tubeless transformation kit (tape, valve)
  • latex for bikes
  • cutter blades
  • compressor or pump




  1. First of all clean the rim with alcool in order to facilitate the adherence of the tubeless tape. Let’s specify that for every rim size there are proper tapes, but you can find all the sizes in the tubeless kit page. Paste the tape on the rim, starting 10 cm before the valve’s hole and ending 10 cm after it. In this way the tape will have a double thickness around the valve.
  2. Carve crosswise the tape above the valve’s hole
  3. Insert the valve using the oring gasket properly. For our Ergal valves you need one big oring and two little ones in the rim and a single big oring between the rim and the ring closure of the valve.
  4. Close the valve and, with the right tool, remove the core of the valve. This will allow more air to come inside the tire, helping the first fitting to easily make a wheel tubeless.
  5. Assemble the tire, leaving a little space open to pour the latex inside.

latticizzare una ruota lattice6. Pour the necessary amount of Orange Latex inside. We usually recommend 60-70 ml for wheels around 2.10, 80-100 ml for wheels around 2.40 and 140-160 for plus wheels.

7. Seal the tire

8. Plug the compressor in the valve and inflate until the tire fit in the rim, this is easy to notice because it makes a really loud sound. All our wheels have an internal profile of the rim that helps the wheel to do so, making the compressor almost useless. Thanks to its bigger amount of air, this tool will be useful anyway to make a wheel tubeless, in case we need to make the tire fit very fast.

9 . Reassemble the core of the valve, don’t worry if the wheel has deflated. The ring will be in the right place and you will be able to inflate it with a hand pump.

latticizzare una ruota valvola ergal

10. Take the wheel to a pressure of 2,5 bar, shake it for a few minutes to spread the Orange Latex and then let it rest for one night.

Making a wheel tubeless has never been so easy!

Once all the operations are finished, if you notice a loss of pressure during the night, top up the Orange Latex in the wheel and take it to the right pressure. Take a bike ride and latex will seal every porosity of the wheel, finally ensuring rides without worrying about punctures. The choice of the right kind of latex is important. Orange Latex has been developed in order to seal bigger punctures faster than the products of our competitors.

Our wheels range is all tubeless ready and always sold with tubeless kit included.


Greetings, guys!