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Our main partners have followed us with the objective of distinguishing ourselves from other bicycle enterprises, choosing to work with titanium, carbon and aluminum of the highest quality.


BIANCHI is the most ancient bicycle factory in the world, founded by Edoardo Bianchi (who actually started his business with the production of bikes and cars), in Milan in 1885. After a few years he was invited by Queen Margherita of Savoia to the court to teach her how to ride a bicycle, becoming the official royal furnisher and he was allowed to use the royal crest on his products. The typical Bianchi’s light blue frame color made its first appearance in 1913. During the first World War Bianchi gave bicycles to the Italian army. It sponsored and supplied many famous cyclists, for example Giovanni Gerbi, Fausto Coppi (he won five times the Giro d’Italia and two times the Tour de France), Costante Girardengo, Felice Gimondi and Marco Pantani.


Passoni is a manufacturer of bicycle frames based in Vimercate (Milan). The company produces titanium, carbon fiber and steel frames welded without oxygen, with a secret gas mixture and the frame is polished for over 40 hours. The product is handmade and totally made in Italy, these frames are called “frames-jewels”, thanks to their design and quality. The company offers a total custom service for both design and geometry.


Stelio Belletti, who started his business as a mechanician, approached the cycling world in the 60’s as a cyclist. He used to work in his garage in Rodano (Milan) and he decided to focus on bicycle frames, the Stelbel brand was officially born in 1973, when Stelio created the definitive Stelbel frame. Every Stelbel frame is characterized by the self-constructed fork. Stelio decided to use the TIG welding, a technique never used before on a bicycle frame, but he mastered it owing to his experience in the aviation industry. That frame, patented in 1975, was called “integral” because it looked like a unique piece, as there were no conjunctions. In the same year, the official mechanician of the Polish national team commissioned frames for his athletes to Stelio. This fact made him take the decision to focus exclusively on the bicycle business, creating innovative models for every discipline, strictly handmade by excellent craftsmen (custom made and upon request only). In 2015 Stelbel started a collaboration with Cicli Corsa Snc, designing a whole new range of products, including the historic Stelbel frames.


Nevi was founded in 1992 by Consuelo and Sergio Finazzi, who has been a professional cyclist from 1987 until 1990, gaining the third place in the Giro d’Inghilterra in 1987 and the seventh place in a stage of the Giro d’Italia in 1988, which was marked by snow (the snowy weather has also inspired the name of the company). Nevi is a really important titanium frames manufacturer (its “Spinas" model is really famous indeed) and it invented the MTB rigid fork that ensures an extremely high safety level. The welding takes place in a high vacuum chamber in an under control atmosphere of Argon and it also has an innovative water jet cutting system.

De Rosa

De Rosa was founded in 1953 in Cusano Milanino by Ugo de Rosa, its frame appeared for the first time in a competition during the 1958 Giro d’Italia with Raphael Geminiani. In the 60s Ugo became the official mechanician of Rick Van Looy and in 1989 he worked with Gianni Motta and Francesco Moser. In 1973 its frames started to have the famous symbol “De Rosa heart”. Eddy Merckx himself relied on De Rosa until his retirement from the cycling world. In 1974 the 80% of Giro d’Italia’s racers had De Rosa frames. In 1982 De Rosa started to sponsor the Sammontana Team.


Vidmantas ‘Vitas’ Zukauskas started his career as a cyclist in the 70’s, when he was only a kid, then he became a professional and later a coach of the Lithuanian National Cycling Team. In the 90’s he got involved in frame building, starting his business in Lithuania, working with titanium only. He became an official frame builder for Colnago, and so many famous models for numerous disciplines were born (for example Monotitan, Ovaltitan, Master BiTitan among other). The European Grade 9 Titanium is supplied by VSMPO Titan Scandinavia, that is one of the biggest titanium suppliers in the world, this type of titanium is also used by Boeing and Airbus. Vitas has introduced his skills to his sons and they continue the journey by building one of a kind custom frames build to last a lifetime.


LEGEND BY BERTOLETTI. This brand was founded in 2009 by Marco Bertoletti, who, after a few years as an athlete and a few more of work for a local framer in Bergamo, decided to run his own business in 1989. Since then he has made frames of the highest quality, 100% made in Italy, totally customizable and every phase is carried out by hand


OLYMPIA was founded in Milan in 1893 by Carlo Borghi. It partnered Enrico Mollo in his win of the Giro d’Italia in 1940 and Pietro Chiappini in the Milano-Torino race in 1941. In 1960 it was bought by the Fontana family that moved the production to Padova, supporting athletes like Marzio Deho and the Olympia Team. It won the Expobici Innovation Award for two consecutive years (2013-2014), it has also incorporated other two extremely famous brands: Frera and Scapin. The extremely high technological level of its frames nowadays is appreciated by extraordinary athletes such as Luca and Daniele Braidot, members of the cross country national team.


MDE is a company based in the western area of Turin, founded by Federico and Andrea Biora. Every frame is designed using CAD 3D systems and calculations are done with FEA technology. This manufacturer really believes in field testing the prototype, that’s why its products are really performing, without compromising a beautiful and totally made in Italy design.


In 2013, a group of cyclists with a common passion for fixed-gear bicycles decided to start producing frames on their own and to field test them in international competitions in 2015. In the Red Hook Crit Augusto Reati conquered the second place and the Supernova team ranked third in the race. After these victories and many requests by numerous athletes, the team decided to enter the market in 2016 with a totally made in Italy production, characterized by an extremely high quality.


TORPADO was founded in 1895 in Padova by Torresini. The Torpado Team, between 1950 and 1962, took part in 11 editions of the Giro d’Italia. In 1956 Cleto Maule and Aldo Moser ranked respectively fourth and fifth in the race. Every athlete could boast a total customized frame, realized with a special painting process and then refined by hand. Tornado was the second company in this sector for sales number and employees. The Esperia Group, since its foundation in 1989 as Cicli Esperia, has incorporated many brands, Torpado itself has been incorporated in 2001, moving the entire production to Verona. From 2016 it can boast a laboratory for internal tests and it has an important role in the European Great Distribution. Nowadays the Esperia Group has created the Torpado Factory Team, a team of athletes that have been collecting victories in every competition, including the MTB World Cup.


SCAPIN, founded in 1957 by Umberto Scapin, has always created products that favor the riding comfort. In 1998 the “Rudolf” bicycle won the Compasso d’Oro Award, the most important recognition for Italian design. In 2015 it has been incorporated by Olympia. The company has a really high technological level as well as a unique design. In 2015 Scapin has realized the “Ivor” model with a carbon frame, 100% made in Italy, furthermore every product is custom made. In 2016 it won the Tech Design award for the quality of its design. Moreover this brand can boast numerous athletes, for example Annabella Stropparo that has collected over 600 MTB victories in her career.