New Engage and Nitro hubs

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As long as you have probably opened this link because of the new hubs’ picture… LET’S CUT TO THE CHASE!

On the basis of Engage and Nitro projects, at the top of our hubs, we introduce you to the new version.

The innovations are:

New BOOST 110×15 axle on the front hub , which gives more rigidity to the system axle/bearings/hub.

– The use of differentiated double shielding bearings 17x28x7 for the front hubs with a new axle.

New front adaptors with protection gasket to improve the protection against external agents and increase bearings’ service life

New rear disc side stopper, with grub screw to prevent to accidentally take it off and protection gasket.

We have worked in order to perfection ate our hubs to guarantee always the best sliding capacity and durability over time.

According to the new company spirit, the new PMP graphics complete the realization of the new products.

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Giovanni – Technical Assistance