CHAINRING – 100% italian technology 

Why should you choose our chainring?

Because the design, the quality of the material and the PMC ceramic surface treatment make this chainring unique. Are you willing to see the difference? Try it.

The PMC treatment offers a smoothness never experienced before, it is silent and always clean, it also guarantees a longer useful life thanks to the long life technology.

The new design of the 12-speed ANTI-DROP toothing (10 and 11 speed compatible) improves retention and prevents the fall of the chain, both in the cross-country and in the enduro.

The chainring is not a secondary component, and you will feel the difference.

Price 89€

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Sram Direct Mount Standard (offset 6mm) 
Sram Direct Mount Boost (offset 3mm) 
BCD 104mm 4 fori
PMP Direct Mount 5 fori BDC 74



Number of teeth:  30-32-34 teeth

100% Made in Italy

100% PMP Bike

ANTI-DROP The special profile of the tooth prevents accidental fall of the chain without the use of a chain guide. Also for intensive use such as trail and enduro bikes.
MONOCORONA The different spiders allow you to adapt it to many cranks on the market.
DESIGN The special design of the highest tooth allows to improve the anti-fall system of the chain.
ERGAL For our crowns we use the best available high quality aluminum alloy. The material is also subjected to T6 hardening process.







– Self lubrication
– Anti dirty
– Decreased friction and greater resistance to abrasion
– Performance increase in terms of duration
– Less transmission wear
– Elimination of the porosity of the material

PMC (Poli-Matrix Ceramic coating)

The PMC is a surface treatment, with a thickness of 40 Microns, which is polymerized on the chainring to reduce friction with the chain and increase the smoothness of the transmission. The micro ceramic particles of the surface coating have the advantage of self lubricating the system thanks to a low friction coefficient between chainring and chain, to remove dirt, and to resist corrosion and abrasion.

This treatment eliminates any porosity of the material and has been studied in order to obtain a longer life of the component (LLT-Long Life Technology) and to reduce chain wear. Dust, water and mud slip away without affecting the chainring, leaving the transmission cleaner.



“Improved 1x drivetrain efficiency??? Let’s check…”