Seatpost in Titanium — Ageless Peculiarity

The titanium seatpost owns outstanding mechanical characteristics.

Titanium was originally employed by aeronautic and aerospace industries. Over the years, the world of cycling has started using it thanks to the sports industry’s will of innovation and development.

Why do we talk about “Ageless Peculiarity”? I will explain you just referring to the three main characteristics of titanium that differ it from carbon and aluminum:

1. It is nonperishable, has no destructive oxidation, it is durable to the external agents, and it lasts longer than carbon and aluminum.

2. It has double endurance compared to the aluminum alloys typically used for seatposts.

3. It has great elasticity and vibration damping.

Titanium grade 5 has an elastic modulus of 105000 [MPa], while the aluminum alloys usually have 69000 [MPa] for the 6061 and 72000 [MPa] for the 7075.
This means that the elastic modulus of titanium is about 45% higher.

(The elastic module “measures” the elastic behavior of the material under load)

It is for this reason that titanium is perfect for the realization of a component often underestimated but fundamental: the seatpost!

Titanium is loved by so many of our customers of the ROAD category and we believe in the advantages of titanium also in Off-Road XC-Marathon. 

Our seatpost in titanium has been protagonist of the Marco Pantani‘s success at the Tour de France in 1998.

In addition to the mechanical qualities and driving sensations that it conveys — especially in off-road, I would say —  titanium has another advantage: is incredibly attractive!









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Giovanni – Technical Assistance