The rim’s asymmetric section allows to considerably increase the tensioning of the wheel because it generates an offset between “the center of the rim” and the nipples’ anchorage points. So the spokes’ tension difference between the drive side and non-drive side is minimized. The asymmetric section of the rim improves steadiness of the wheel, providing greater riding precision, low alignment degradation and less frequent maintenance intervals.



The internal width of the larger rim contains an increased volume of air inside the tire to reduce the operating pressure while maintaining at the same time a low rolling resistance.  The increased air volume ensures grip over obstacles and absorbs bumps. We have elaborated the best internal width for every discipline (XC, Enduro, DH, Road).sezione-canale-largo-ruote-noxon 



Using tubeless wheels cuts down punctures, pinches and assures a lower working pressure. Noxon tubeless systems have been developed to fit any kind of tubeless tire: UST or Tubeless Ready. This is possible due to the widened rim diameter and bead retention profile. The use of latex inside the tire is essential for an excellent endurance.




Noxon hubs use oversized high quality bearings. The wheel’s smoothness is directly proportional to the bearing’s quality and to the endurance level of hub parts. Large bearings perform better under static and dynamic loads, offering longer service life and reduced rolling resistance.




The adjustment process procedure applied to Noxon wheels during the initial assembly strives to eliminate the need to re-adjust the product due to a loss of natural alignment after initial use. The induced adjustment makes possible to increase spokes’ tension, to guarantee rigidity and extend wheel’s performance. Adjustment is implemented during the production phase using an hydraulic press, stretching the Noxon wheel at the spoke junction in a way to achieve the best setting.




Hookless rims do not present the typical overturned J-shaped hook; their edges are straight. The advantages are: Improved impact resistance on the wheel lip, better tubeless system retention and bead retention.



PMP Silicon Nitride Ceramic Bearings improve the performance of your wheels. Here are some reasons that guarantee a better result.

Silicon Nitride is a ceramic material about 2.5 times lighter than steel and it has higher hardness.  This implies that, with the same bearing size, it is possible to use balls with a smaller diameter.

The use of spheres with a lower diameter, higher hardness and lower friction coefficient, allow an increase in the smoothness of the ceramic bearing compared to a standard steel bearing.

The friction coefficient of ceramic materials is significantly lower than metal materials, therefore smaller diameter spheres also have less contact surface between them and the bearing tracks, all in favor of higher smoothness and reduced friction.

Furthermore the ceramic materials do not oxidize.

The upgrade cost 140 euros.

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